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Blockchain, machine learning, and bot interface technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. As we follow and participate in this exciting space and continue to evolve our own point of view, we will share our thoughts and insights here.

Blockchain is not a solution. Blockchain is a technology on which solutions can be built. Many of the use cases and POCs that have been reported on in both blockchain technology focused news sites...Read more
IT departments at major corporations are all looking at how to apply the latest innovations to their products and processes. These include artificial intelligence, chatbots, big data and, most...Read more
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This week we’ve been attending Coin Desk’s Consensus 2017 conference in New York. There have been many great sessions and we’ve had the chance to meet a cross section of the blockchain obsessed...Read more
When seeking to design a transaction recording and facilitation system such as vote recording, voter registration, asset transactions, and others, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies...Read more