NuArca is a venture studio that conceives, founds, builds, and accelerates transformational startup businesses solving real world problems by utilizing blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies

NuArca Venture Studio

NuArca is a Venture Studio creating new businesses and solutions with immutable record keeping, radical transparency, and machine driven insight. Read More

IBM Partner of the Year - North America 2019

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NuArca has been busily working to launch our oil and gas royalty tracking business, PipelineDL. At Pipeline DL, we have had the opportunity to investigate several blockchain use cases within the Oil...

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NuArca has been recognized by IBM as the North American New Partner of the Year. "IBM nominated and selected us based on both the live production blockchain-based proxy network we built with our...

An Emerging Technologies Venture Studio

NuArca is an Emerging Technologies Venture Studio that conceives, creates, resources, and grows tech enabled companies. NuArca is committed to developing new businesses where we can immediately execute the first steps towards revolutionizing existing markets. When businesses mature and move from incubation (grey sections) to funding, NuArca adds another spoke to the hub and ensures focused execution enabled by specialized development expertise, product management, technology infrastructure, legal, HR, and finance services.


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