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Blockchain technology is still in its very earliest days. Crypto asset insanity is starting to clear and the real use cases for blockchain and distributed ledger technology in the financial services, energy, real estate, healthcare, and other markets are just now starting to come on line. With these in-production services, solutions, and networks comes a new way of conducting business and operational activities and an emerging understanding of the paradigm shifts they are driving.

NuArca is an Emerging Technologies Venture Studio that conceives, creates, resources, and grows  tech enabled companies. NuArca is committed to developing new businesses where we can immediately execute the first steps towards revolutionizing existing markets. 

When businesses mature and move from incubation (grey sections) to funding, NuArca adds another spoke to the hub and ensures focused execution enabled by specialized development expertise, product management, technology infrastructure, legal, HR, and finance services.

NuArca Spokes Chart
NuArca’s mission is to enable transactions on a trustless internet. We will achieve that through the targeted use of blockchain, machine learning, bot interfaces, strategic partnerships, and smart...
NuArca is a passionate and proven team of technology, product, and business experts intent on ensuring confidence and trust in transactions, assets, and individuals in an increasingly trustless digital world.
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