Announcing NuArca Ireland

May 01, 2018

We are very proud to announce that NuArca is opening development offices in Cork, Ireland. 

With its proven innovation and development focus, Ireland is the ideal location for an innovative development team. We chose central Cork due its dynamic technology scene, high standard of livability, and ready access to talented technology professionals. 

Under the leadership of Paul Leahy (Managing Director Ireland), NuArca is already building a talented development team committed to solving complex business problems using blockchain and machine learning technology, so if you are a block chain knowledgeable developer, please let us know. 

This is a critical step in NuArca’s continued journey to create development capacity and execution capabilities that can accelerate multiple new businesses at any given time. By adding a second development office with the goal of hiring 12+ developers within the next 12 months, with our current 12+ developer team in Bangladesh, NuArca can accelerate businesses at an even greater rate.