Carol Van Cleef And Luminous Group Join NuArca

May 14, 2018

NuArca is pleased to announce that Carol Van Cleef, the CEO and co-founder of Luminous Group, will be joining NuArca. Carol will continue to lead Luminous as Managing Director of Advisory Services.  Carol’s decades of experience in providing strategic and legal advice and her globally recognized leadership in the blockchain and crypto assets/currencies/tokens are critical to NuArca’s strategy development and execution. 

Carol is a respected and highly sought after global leader and speaker on legal, strategic and business aspects of blockchain based technologies, digital currencies and tokenizations including ICO issuances, anti-money laundering regulations, business development, risk management, and corporate structure. 

Luminous Group will be a partner of NuArca. Luminous Group, under Carol’s continued leadership, remains committed to accelerating the rapid transformation of the digital economy driven by decentralized and other innovative technologies.

The addition of Carol to NuArca will further accelerate NuArca’s development of blockchain and crypto enabled solutions.  Todd Cooper, NuArca CEO and Co-founder said, “Luminous Group’s ability to help guide businesses of all sizes through the rapidly evolving maze of blockchains and cryptocurrencies coupled with NuArca’s proven ability to design, build, and deliver blockchain enabled solutions to the most demanding and highly regulated markets will create the ideal environment for the founding and nurturing of de novo blockchain and crypto based startups.  We are thrilled to have Carol as part of the team”

“We see Luminous Group’s consulting expertise and NuArca’s proven track record of innovating and deploying at scale BlockChain solutions as a winning combination for clients”, said Carol Van Cleef.

About NuArca

NuArca is a founder and accelerator of new tech businesses. With proven technology and business solutions delivered to the market, NuArca is intent on ensuring confidence and trust in transactions, assets and individuals in an increasingly trustless digital world. NuArca team members are blockchain, machine learning and bot software experts focused on establishing and accelerating de-novo blockchain and machine learning based businesses. 

NuArca’s and its partner AST’s blockchain based proxy voting solution will be in live production in May 2018 where it will be used by AST to deliver proxy voting and vote tabulations services to AST’s US and Canadian customer base. This will be the first phase of a global roll-out. 

About Luminous Group LLC

Luminous Group’s commitment to accelerate the rapid transformation of the digital economy focuses on innovative applications of Blockchain based technologies, developing and implementing growth strategies, and designing regulatory and risk management solutions.  This multi-faceted approach is what distinguishes our company from others.  Our principals have deep experience advising clients on the use of modern technologies and digital currencies in their business activities, providing them practical, innovative and regulatory compliant solutions.  Our clients range from startups to publicly traded companies across a wide variety of industries all with a common thread - building the future one block at a time.

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