NuArca to build blockchain driven proxy voting for AST

May 10, 0017

NuArca will be working with AST to deliver a blockchain and machine learning enabled proxy voting solution. AST and NuArca will work together to pioneer advances in proxy analytics and reporting that utilize immutable blockchain results and real-time facts to support issuers in the creation and execution of successful proxy campaign strategies. This solution will facilitate greater transparency and confidence in data handling, allowing issuers to make more informed decisions and strategy adjustments.  It will also allow AST’s proxy solicitation experts to access advanced predictive analytics to guide complex proxy solicitations.

NuArca has already developed and demonstrated the efficacy and value of blockchain technology and bot interfaces for AST's transfer agent and equity plan management services. Working with AST to move blockchain from the NuArca labs to live use by AST's proxy management businesses is an exciting and very worthwhile project that will also drive the blockchain evolution forward.