NuArca is an Emerging Technologies Venture Studio that conceives, creates, resources, and grows tech enabled companies. NuArca is committed to developing new businesses where we can immediately execute the first steps towards revolutionizing existing markets. When businesses mature and move from incubation (grey sections) to funding, NuArca adds another spoke to the hub and ensures focused execution enabled by specialized development expertise, product management, technology infrastructure, legal, HR, and finance services.

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NuArca Voting

NuArca Voting is focused on developing and delivering the most secure, trusted, and transparent voting systems and networks for corporate, electoral, and other purposes. 

Working in conjunction with our partner AST, NuArca has delivered and launched the first fully operational blockchain enabled proxy Voting solution. The solution is currently live in the capital markets space. AST is in the process of migrating their fund and corporate share issuers to this platform, making it one of the very first scaled production uses of blockchain technology in the financial service industry.  The solution includes issuer and shareholder specific user interfaces, predictive statistical modeling, and real-time tabulation.

NuArca has deployed the proxy voting network on IBM’s blockchain cloud service and is working closely with AST and IBM to extend the network to all corners of the global capital market space.

Pipeline DL - Oil & Gas payments network

Pipeline DL provides blockchain enabled networks and solutions that streamline transactions for the Oil and Gas markets.  Focused on enabling faster and more transparent tracking of ownership, production, sales and royalty payments to mineral rights owners, Pipeline DL creates a more efficient and trusted marketplace.  Provides clarity around the data to Oil and Gas Producers, Trust and Wealth Managers, Regulators, and Mineral Rights Owners.

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NuArca Development services

NuArca has invested in building blockchain development execution capabilities in Bangladesh and Ireland.  Our capacity and commitment to active participation in leading blockchain open source platforms means that we are ready to flexibly assist our customers in building solutions and systems that meet their objectives. 

Maps of development shops in Cork and Dhaka


Ownership & Distribution Engine

As the NuArca team has explored practical business cases where near term value can be created by using block chain technologies, ownership rights management came up again and again. 

NuArca has developed a block chain based cap table and waterfall analytic solution that is configured to meet the needs of specific market problems and inexpensively delivered as a cloud service. 

As starting points, the ownership rights management system is configurable to meet the needs of mineral rights tracking, private company ownership, and commercial real estate investments. 


In conjunction with a variety of partners and industry leaders, NuArca has developed dozens of additional areas of potential investment. Deep knowledge market experts  coupled with NuArca’s proven ability to design, build, and deliver blockchain enabled solutions to the most demanding and highly regulated markets creates the ideal nursery for the founding and nurturing of blockchain and other new tech enabled based startups. 

Stay tuned as we move those opportunities from ideation to reality. 

Artificial Intelligence

The raw materials are available to go above and beyond spreadsheets and dashboard reporting. Meaningful insight and personalized tuning are what we are all coming to expect from personal software and cloud services, and we will expect it from business and transactional systems in the very near future. NuArca is working to add meaningful layers of machine learning to all solutions. 

Transparent. Unimpeachable. Built for the future.

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