Ownership & Distribution Engine

NuArca ODE (Ownership & Distribution Engine)

NuArca’s blockchain based Ownership and Distribution Engine (ODE) provides immutable record keeping and smart contract based real-time positions for fractional ownership tracking, waterfall projections, and distributions. The system is scalable to meet the non-functional requirements of multiple industry purposes such as oil and gas royalties, commercial real estate investments, class action distributions, fractionalized lien positions, and company ownership.

NuArca ODE includes the core blockchain record keeping of identity and definition of ownership positions as well as supporting technology infrastructure required to ensure success of end-customers. 

ODE Diagram

High Throughput Management

ODE is able to handle high transaction volumes at high speeds. 

Smart Contracts

Native smart contract support for ownership and distribution use-cases. 

Artificial Intelligence Interface

Information access for AI applications is natively available.

Message Handling

ODE intelligently handles multiple information sources

API Interfaces

Access micro-services through API calls.

RDBMS Interface

Easy to implement linkage to traditional analytic database. 


All data handling and code meets latest FinTech best practice standards.